A changing society, a changing university, a changing university museum

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A staff post from Steph Scholten, Director of The Hunterian.

The Hunterian is the oldest public museum in Scotland (1807), in one of the oldest Scottish universities (1451). It is deeply rooted in Scotland’s complex history which has led to multiple inequalities and prejudices that persist today, perhaps most notably in relation to race. Recent global and local events have emphasised once more the necessity for more equity, justice and diversity in our society.

Museums play an important and highly symbolic role for people in the way the past and the present are explained and identities represented. The way we do this is not, cannot be, and has never been neutral.

At The Hunterian, the voices and narratives of those other than a dominant elite remain underrepresented. In years to come, we commit to actively working with diverse communities to make The Hunterian a more relevant and meaningful place for University students and staff, for Glaswegians and others.

Summer 2020

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