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A staff post by Dr Lola Sanchez-Jauregui, Curator (Art Collections) at The Hunterian.

One of the lessons of this pandemic refers to the spaces we inhabit, the earth we share and the place we occupy. While the world seems more connected than ever, we remain confined in our shelters where our lives now blend: work, leisure, socialising, learning…home has been transformed.

Beatrix Whistler, Ethel Philip reading a newspaper, 1880 – 1896, painting, oil on panel, GLAHA:46417.

I have always believed that art is a way to understand the reality that surrounds us. It has the power to surpass borders, transcend time and bring us together. At home, detached from its physical presence, art keeps bringing us closer through space and time.

Over a number of weeks we will feature works from The Hunterian art collections to discover the invisible thread that connects us to men and women across the centuries in close intimacy. People of all places portrayed in the day to day of their domestic space – reading, making the bed, drinking a glass of wine, dreaming…

Depicted by artists that were able to see art where there only was daily routine, revealing the past life of everyday as a reflection of ourselves. These domestic scenes are intimate without conveying isolation; in these works home is an active space populated by objects, people and hopes where their lives, our lives, occur.


Every Sunday for the next few weeks, we will share artworks from The Hunterian collections depicting these domestic scenes and activities. They will appear on our social media channels with the hashtag #ArtAtHome

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