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Museum Week is an opportunity to share our objects and the inner workings of The Hunterian with a wider audience. Today we focus on The Professionals, the people who bring you the museum and gallery you know and love.

Marketing a Museum

Communications Manager Harriet Gaston shares her thoughts.

Why did you want to work for a museum?

I have a History of Art degree from the University of Glasgow and spent a lot time as a student looking at the amazing paintings in the Hunterian Art Gallery. Now as Communications Manager at The Hunterian, I (officially) get to tell other people why they should come and see them, and of course, the other fabulous items in our collections.

What does your job involve?

I’m responsible for all marketing, communications and PR activity for The Hunterian. Each day is different and can involve anything from developing promotional campaigns for major exhibitions to handling media enquiries and organising filming or photo shoots. I also write copy for everything from press releases to marketing material and manage our website.

What exhibitions have you particularly enjoyed working with?

Our current exhibition Still Moving: The Films and Photographs of Ulrike Ottinger has been amazing to work on. Bias aside, it really is a must–see exhibition and very different to anything I have been involved in before (which makes it even more exciting). And our Comic Invention exhibition in 2016 which combined works by Warhol, Picasso and Lichtenstein (a promotional dream) with works by Frank Quitely of DC Comics. It’s not often you get to talk about Batman and Picasso in the same press release.

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