Women Makers at The Hunterian

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A student post by Hayley Harlow, MSc Museum Studies student, University of Glasgow.

As part of the MSc Museum Studies programme, I have been working over the past few months on a project at The Hunterian. My role as a curatorial research assistant to Anne Dulau Beveridge contributed knowledge to a larger collaborative research initiative titled “Women Makers”, led by Dr Patricia de Montfort (The Hunterian and History of Art, University of Glasgow) whose aim is to bring together works by female artists across art collections in Scotland.

Within the curatorial and collections management departments, my primary task has been to utilise the collections management system, EMu, to locate and update all relevant artworks by women artists to increase awareness and accessibility. A large portion of this task involved providing a record photo for the necessary catalogue records, which has given visibility to many of the artworks both internally for Hunterian staff and externally on the collections search webpage. The work accomplished in EMu initiated the creation of a “Women Makers” collection summary page on The Hunterian’s website that will serve as an interpretive framework for the artworks with written narratives. This framework will provide a public online resource that ideally enables greater understanding of the scope of women artists in The Hunterian art collections. Additionally, as many of the works represent Scottish artists and women who studied at the Glasgow School of Art, the webpage will contribute further knowledge to the history of art in Scotland.

Overall, this project has brought awareness to artworks in The Hunterian’s collection as well as the artistic activity and work of women throughout history. It has also set a foundation for a more nuanced interpretation of female artists within the context of not only Glasgow and Scotland, but also wider art movements across Europe. As The Hunterian continues to engage audiences with its collections through study and teaching, they are uniquely able to collaborate with the women makers network in developing future projects and exhibitions based around women artists.

Highlights of the collection

Download a list of all women makers in The Hunterian collection:

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